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Spring: Finding Your True Colors

How were you feeling last spring in comparison to now?

I reach back in my mind to this same time last year. On a lazy Sunday last week, I re-visited my past blogs and my journal from last year. I observed that I’m presently much more open to the spirit of Springtime. Last year my desire was to crawl back under the duvet cover of Winter. Today I’m outside looking for mother nature under every snow covered pebble.

How were you feeling last Spring in comparison to now? How do your feelings differ even from last month?

The difference for me? I tried something new. Last march I started writing. Writing a weekly blog seems to be a vehicle for me to be more present, which has always been a challenge for me. My eyes and ears are always open now, tuning in, like suddenly someone turned the volume up on everything.

Within this new openness, I stumbled upon my path to practicing mindfulness and living with more presence.

What has shifted in your life that has brought upon any differences from last Spring?

What snaps you back to reality, into the present?

What snaps you back to reality?

The thing about being more mindful and present is that this feeling is a catalyst for other feelings. Feelings of fearlessness and freedom. My friend Katie of Lotus Wei, uses the phrase wild expansion. These words once so exotic and seemingly out of reach. Now, when I see them or say them out loud I suddenly feel like they fit me. Or at least their starting to.

What small changes could you make in your life to allow yourself to feel more fearless? More free?

What changes can you make to become fearless?

This new feeling of >>>wild expansion<<< also validates my rampant curiosity.

What does wild expansion mean to you?

I’ve always been curious. Although I didn’t really know I was. I thought I was just the kind of person who starts things and never finishes. You know - dives into things, gets excited, tells everyone and then a few weeks or months down the road I’m on to my new ‘next best thing’. I was hard on myself for this, I still am sometimes. A few years ago I started watching Super Soul Sunday on the OWN channel. I came across Elizabeth Gilbert’s Super Soul Session.

This one:

So go learn about mushrooms or trees or bees or whatever your little heart desires. I’ve been into mushrooms lately and I may have a minor crush on Paul Stamets, possibly drinking too much Chaga tea and definitely overdosing on Red Flower’s Lymphatic Phytopower Sea Cleanser/Mask. All in the spirit of curiosity of course. (Spoiler alert: More to come on the magic of mushrooms in an upcoming blog post!)

Maybe writing or mushrooms aren’t your cup of tea…but what is? What sparks your curiosity?

Spring’s transformation reminds us every year how to inspire the same change and beauty within ourselves.

Wild expansion, mindfulness, curiosity…these are all just avenues to really finding what we’re all looking for… our divine, unique, joyful life…our true colors.

find your true colors this spring at THE pearl

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