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Flower Power + Full Pink Moon

Full Pink Moon, April 11

Since Friday, when our friends at Lotus Wei hosted their Flower Lounge in Baltimore, I’ve been pondering synchronicity. This concept first explained by psychologist Carl Jung, is interpreted that events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related.

Flower Power

I started rolling that word synchronicity around in my mind as I had experienced déjà vu several times in this past week, at poignant moments. A déjà vu so strong that I looked around at times to see if anyone else felt it. I mentioned what I was feeling to a person sitting by me, they said that déjà vu is the universe telling you that you’re exactly where you need to be.


Maybe I should start at the beginning, set the stage for you to understand why I can’t stop thinking about synchronicity, déjà vu and flower essences.

flowers + candlelight

First, envision a beautiful, serene, candle lit space, emanating warmth. Offerings for you to enjoy of aromatherapy, music and flowers – A LOT of them. They were on every surface…hanging, in bowls, mandalas, placed ever so mindfully. This was the creation of an altar, for you to see your own beauty and re-connect to you but also connect with others. A space where you truly start to feel that you can let down your guard, peel away the layers and be yourself. Even in a room full of so called strangers…

That was the Flower Lounge on Friday. We also hosted a mini Flower Lounge-esque gathering at THE pearl the evening before, Embrace the Chaos: meditation + talk with both Katie of Lotus Wei and Lisa of Wei of Chocolate.

So there – now you can imagine it - magic all around, flower essences and chocolate galore…life changing scene right?!

FLower Mandalas

Second, literally as I write this, I take my dropper full of Rose of Venezuela, a special flower elixir sent to me through the Flowerevolution program, and I say aloud my mantra:

“I am open to wild expansion, ready for break-throughs, and trailblazing the heck out of my lofty goals”

I do this every morning, take my flower elixir and wish my way to abundance. I’ve been using flower essences for a few years now and I often ask myself – “Who am I without them?”

Although I know I’d still be me without them, I feel for certain that I’m a better version of me than I was before flower essences.

These two experiences:

  1. Connecting with myself and others outwardly in a community gathering - Flowerlounges

  2. Slowly, internally peeling away the layers of me to get down to my true self - Flowerevolution

These two experiences are creating a ripple effect of good vibes, yes, a ripple effect, like throwing a stone into a pond. The energy expands and extends. The ripple effect of these unique events, the gravity of the powerful full moon and the ongoing intake of flower essences in my life feels like I’m vibrating on a slightly different frequency.

Good Vibes

Like every time I feel that vague feeling of “I’ve been here before” – it’s not I’ve been here before. It’s actually “this is exactly where I’m meant to be”. Synchronicity at its finest, I guess.

I get this sense that Katie, Lisa and that pink full moon know something that we don’t. Like they are conspiring on our behalf. Their gravity pulling us towards something great, possibly something truly amazing. I feel we’re on the verge of a wave of change.


Did you get a chance to attend the Flower Lounge or our Embrace the Chaos: meditation + talk? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

meditation with Katie Hess and Lisa Reinhardt

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