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Seasonal Skincare: Awaken and Renew

love the skin your in

Both the season and the weather play a significant role in your life AND should also be considered when selecting skincare products. As Winter is currently wreaking havoc on our skin, we’ve gotten accustomed to slathering on every type of heavy-duty cream, oil and serum to fend off a scaly complexion.

However - believe it or not - Spring is right around the corner and as we start to adapt to warmer temperatures, our skin should do the same. The goal is to get your skin to embrace the change, not freak out from it. Just like you swap your puffy parkas for denim jackets, it's vital to switch out certain skin care products come Spring.

Below is some insight on how to make this seasonal transition.

What's In Your Medicine Cabinet?

spring is a great time to organize and toss expired products

I know we all have more skin care products in our cabinets than we're actually using on a regular basis. But, many of us have things that we don’t even know how or when to use, let alone when or why we bought them!

To remedy this (and to get in the spirit of spring cleaning), stop ignoring your stash of products collecting dust.

  • Pull everything out of your cabinets and assess each product one by one.

  • Toss anything that's expired.

  • Too often, we'll use a product for months, even though it's not delivering. Stop using it! If you don't want to throw it out, give to a friend whose skin might be a better fit for it.

  • If you don’t know how or when to use something contact a skin care professional. We know a few…

  • Organize products in a way in which you’ll use them most effectively, by season.

  • Take a look at your tools as well. Brushes, tweezers, sharpeners etc. Sanitizing these implements allows for longevity and – ah never mind that – it’s vital for your health! Seriously though…when’s the last time you shampooed your makeup brushes?!

Seek Professional Help

consider a seasonal skin analysis for glowing skin

Sometimes our skin and its care can certainly drive us a little crazy – but in this case I’m talking about a skin care therapist.

Avoid accumulating a lot of products that are not correct for your skin or lifestyle. The best way to do this is to schedule a consultation with a skin care professional.

  • Don’t be afraid to bring in what you’re already using at home.

  • Discuss your lifestyle, your skin care goals and the kind of regimen that would work for you.

  • Your skin care professional can then create a regimen that will be results oriented for your skin and almost as importantly – adaptable to your lifestyle – so that you’ll actually use it!

Think outside the box

gemstone rollers help soften fine lines and more

What works for ‘everyone’ doesn’t always work for ‘everyone’…

You and your skin are unique and in turn have unique and individual needs. And Springtime is unique in the way that it is a transitional season and can cause your whole system and your skin some confusion.

One thing can be sure, your skin reflects what is going on internally and externally. Therefore, the best thing for your skin is to be treated BOTH internally and externally. Using a comprehensive collection of topical skin care products that are customized for you should be accompanied by internal remedies as well.

  • Homeopathic remedies like Sprayology Acne Tonic can assist with hormonal breakouts.

  • Pre + probiotics like in THE Beauty Chef can begin to create a healthy gut, which leads to glowing skin. Yes – really!

  • Aromatherapy – used topically – awesome. But inhaled or diffused – AMAZING to calm stress that can lead to all sorts of skin care ailments.

  • Flower Essence Therapy – Lotus Wei Elixirs can create an atmosphere within your entire being of inner peace and self-love. (I’m pretty sure it’s time you’ve added some self-love to your regimen.)

  • Gemstone Therapy like jade or rose quartz facial rollers will help with blood circulation, skin tone, puffiness and so much more!

Glowing skin doesn't happen overnight. However, with a little fine tuning, a customized regimen and self-love you just may wake up feeling ready to bloom…

bloom with us. march 1 - may 31

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