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Cultivating THE extraordinary experience: “THE best”

“Who’s your best therapist?” Our reservationists get asked this question often. It makes me smile every time I hear it. We don’t have a “best” therapist here at THE pearl. No really, we don’t.

And I know you may think I’m biased when I say “they’re all amazing”.

Individuals come to massage therapy for all kinds of reasons. Some reasons are physical (pain, discomfort, range of motion limitations and muscular tension) some are mental (stress, overstimulated nervous systems, anxiety) while others seek a spiritual connection (deeper self-awareness, healing.) There is no one “best” therapist because what is “best” will be different for each and every person, and it will change over the course of one’s lifetime.

An important part of what makes for an amazing massage therapy experience is having good rapport and connection with your therapist. Each professional here at THE pearl is unique and brings their own individual skills and training to the table. We embrace this diversity within our team so that we are able to customize each and every experience for our clients.

We have a unique philosophy at THE pearl: We LISTEN. And focus on the type of massage each client is seeking, but we also want to know who you are. We strive to create an experience that addresses how you feel. And for each person this is going to be unique, personal and vary in any given moment.

How do we learn who is the “best” therapist for you? By truly and intently listening to you - when you call in, when you reach out via email or social media and when you're spending time at the spa. The most effective way you can help us learn what and who is best for you is by giving us time with you and sharing a bit of yourself with our caring staff.

We believe massage therapy has a meaningful role in everyone’s life. To be silent, still and connected to another person who has no intention other than to provide you with care and healing is an extraordinary thing. We can provide you with your best experience – and the best therapist for YOU – the better we know the authentic you.

Thank you for trusting us to care for you… mind, body and spirit.


THE vision:

At THE pearl, our vision is to exceed your expectations every time you visit. through a powerful combination of professional treatments, unparalleled service, elevated sanitation standards and aesthetically pleasing surroundings, each visit to THE pearl should feel just as exceptional as the first visit.

We welcome you to experience the extraordinary


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