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7 Things Blooming at THE pearl this Spring!

As always we are busy cultivating new and unique offerings to assist you on your path to wellness. It is a vital part of what we provide - to support our clients in their entire wellness journey. Therefore, when we discover a new therapy or modality of well-being - we’re always excited to share. These are just a few of the extraordinary, sometimes mystical, but always magical offerings we have for the upcoming seasons.

THE pearl App

If you haven’t downloaded our app yet I can only assume your life is simply too hectic and you need us much more than you actually realize! Do we need to stage an intervention?

The key features (that you’ll soon discover you cannot live without) are:

  • Easy and convenient online scheduling

  • First access to last minute availability.

  • Earn substantial savings for referring your friends

  • Be in the know about specials, events, new services and solutions

  • Conveniently purchase gift cards

  • Play THE pearl ‘lottery’ daily to win extraordinary prizes! (My favorite!)

  • And so much more!

ANDA Hybrid Cleanser

Our newest organic skincare collection has added a few new skintastic (<<<I just made that up) remedies to their line up!

Hybrid is actually the perfect name for this unique cleanser. At first touch it feels like a silky gel. Upon applying it to my skin (with a full face of makeup) it feels like a luxurious balm. Massaging it onto my skin it easily begins to melt away my makeup. As I add warm water it instantly turns into a milk that dissolves makeup and impurities. I rinse well and my skin feels healthy, clean, soft and hydrated. It's small tube (toothpaste like) container is perfect for traveling or keeping in your gym bag. New favorite cleanser? YES!

*Also check out their new ANDA Enzyme Serum-Mask!

Mary's Methods Skincare and Mary’s Whole Pet

The number of CBD products on the market has grown like a weed (please pardon the pun). From edibles intended to sooth anxiety to topicals that are meant to promote healing, these products have been all the rage as of late.

So yea, CBD is everywhere right now – however, Mary’s is transforming how people view and utilize hemp by developing products that maximize the benefits of natural plant nutrients and ultimately offer reliable and effective relief for both you and your pet. They have a patient/client first mentality and every single batch of Mary’s Whole Pet product is evaluated by a third-party laboratory to ensure consistency, potency, purity, and safety. And the Buddy Balm has been a lifesaver for my pups dry nose and the Illuminating Face Moisturizer has been..well…yea a lifesaver for my entire dry face. 😉

Mangiacotti - a company with good intentions

Before ever trying a single counter spray you have to head over to this heart centered companies ‘about us’ page. Go ahead I’ll wait...go:

Yea so there ya go – amazing people doing amazing things. And the naturally plant-based household and personal care products with essential oils and biodegradable material! I’m smitten.

They had a grand opening of – get this – their BARN STORE in Massachusetts this past Thursday! We were there and it was the cutest!

Their kitchen and bath sink sets look simple + lovely, the ingredients are plant based + non-toxic and the essential oil scents smell fresh + natural. Another favorite is the hand sanitizer - it's a great alternative to the sticky, alcohol laden ones we're used to.

Coola Mineral Sunscreen

With the discovery that sun care products are harming our sea life and damaging the coral reef it's important that we find solutions that protect both us and the environment. Luckily we already work with such a mindful and aware company like Coola.

The Ocean Foundation outlines what is safe for our precious sea life - "consider products that include mineral sunblocks with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. They must be “non-nano” in size to be considered reef-safe. If they are below 100 nanometers, the creams can be ingested by corals. Also check the list of ingredients for any preservatives like methyl paraben and butyl paraben."

Our newest option is a chemical free, mineral sunscreen, that meets this criteria. It has a NON-NANO zinc oxide that provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Featuring naturally effective, antioxidant-rich nutrients - including Red Raspberry Seed Oil, Buriti Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, and Prickly Pear Extract - that help fight free radicals and nourish skin.

There are coastal communities and beaches that are banning sunscreens that do not meet this criteria NOW, within this year and next it will become law in most places. That means fines of up to $1000 for even bringing illegal sunscreens into the state or province and fines for companies still creating these dangerous products.

Lotus Wei Truthteller Collection

Our daily dose of TRUTH.

Truthteller encourages us to experiment with what it’s like to be fierce, unleash and say something. This type of communication helps clarify our relationships and liberates in a way that wakes us up to our aliveness. It helps us adapt from “going with the flow” too often, when what’s truly necessary is for us to speak our mind and express or truth.

MAGNIFIES: Fearless speech, expression that enhances engaging with others, ability to speak freely about what's inside you; effortless communication even during difficult conversations, enhanced singing voice. Watch out world!

And last but certainly not least...

Sprayology is back!

Need I say more?! We’re beyond excited to have our favorite homeopathic remedies back in stock! Yes we have your favorites: Allergease, Sleepease, Diet Power and Party Relief! (Just in time for Cinco de Mayo-thank god!)

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