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THE exhale

This past week was so full…

The Winter Solstice, Hanukkah began, Christmas came + went and to top it all off…Mercury is in retrograde.

And while we’re all sitting here breathing a collective sigh of relief that all the shopping, cooking, rushing around is almost over…right around the corner is, to some, the biggest mind manipulation of the year: THE resolution.

Yes, New Years, it tends to make that sigh of relief become an all-out anxiety attack.

But wait before you start picking yourself apart and making a list of all the things you dislike about life + yourself. Just stop. Don’t do it. Nope. Ain’t happening.

Instead, why not make a list of the things you like most about yourself. Go ahead. I’ll wait. Should be easy because you are great.

Decide to focus on the positive (a resolution in and of itself) and take that list of positive attributes and choose to expand upon them. Replace the word RESOLUTION with EVOLUTION. Instead of changing everything about yourself…focus on the traits you love and choose to…Evolve.


Speaking of Mercury in retrograde...this time of year is actually very special. It is helping us to clarify and shed old patterns in communication and mental processing, bringing in a new energetic consciousness for 2017. Ah ha….a new way of thinking perhaps.

This unique astrological phenomenon (whether you believe it or not) is really not the horror (or excuse) that many people believe it to be. If you are experiencing difficulty with communication, travel, delays or technological issues during this time, it’s not just bad luck. That’s the universe trying to talk to you, to get your attention. If we are willing to change this story about how these things are bad, a whole world of transformative possibilities can open to us. The universe is a bit of a trickster…it plays these tricks to help us to loosen our grip and get us listening in a new way. Nothing brings us into the present like a broken phone or a delayed flight. ;) Am I right?!

The key to Mercury Retrograde, Winter, surviving the holidays or a broken phone or delayed flight is to exhale, release your grip, go slow. It is the time for a hibernation of sorts, a chance for review, an opportunity to get more in touch with our soul rather than our ego.

I don’t know about you but I have some friends coming with me into hibernation…

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