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Journaling: Reflection + Purpose

journal for reflection and purpose

Courage. I think the emotion I’m searching for right now is courage. The courage to sit with my inner thoughts. To put aside the hesitation of discovering me and my truest desires. And then…writing it down. I’ve been wanting to start writing more, for myself. To put pen to paper and just let go, write whatever comes into my heart + mind. I had to search myself for the reason why I hadn’t already started, a long time ago. And wouldn’t you know…I was afraid. FEAR…it is a four letter word after all.


If I am brave enough…

To just let it flow…

Without judgement.


Maybe if we can come together, we can be brave enough, we can take stock of our lives and we can create space to allow ourselves to fully experience the feelings we have. We can do all of this without fighting or judging our feeling and can, instead, breathe through them. A simple, yet not always easy, inhaling + exhaling. It is this process that can help us to then release these feelings and let them flow so we can move forward.

I like to think in terms of gardening, as it has become therapeutic for me. To me, journaling is the equivalent of surveying what the seeds you planted last year have yielded, appreciating the harvest for whatever it was, and deciding whether we hope to harvest the same or try something different the next turn around the sun.

allow your feelings to flow in the winter

And so I began. I started this ‘journaling journey’ J by simply creating a space where I felt safe, cozy and slightly inspired. I just sat there with my notebook and focused on my breath and quieted my inner critic, put aside my to-do lists, made space for the present moment.


Breathe in... Breathe out...


I did this for quite a few times and in a few different locations before I wrote my first word. Turns out I journal best outside, which proves to be interesting during a New England Winter (Do they make waterproof journals?).

find the space that allows you to reflect

It is worth noting that without a quiet mind, our capacity for creativity is limited. Once I was able to quiet my mind and make presence a priority – ideas, words, sketches…ME… started to really appear on these pages. And for me connecting with nature is the key to finding that inner peace that leads to my inner voice that speaks truthfully, without fear and from my heart.

connect iwth nature to inspire creativity

In conclusion (or well maybe it’s just the beginning, the real beginning, where I start putting it all out there, fear aside, teetering on the edge of my comfort zone almost ready to take the leap), as the months get colder , it is vital that we stay warm, look inward and provide nourishment to our mind and body. Tending to our inner garden in the winter allows us to prepare for spring’s rapid growth in a few months’ time.

balance nature through inner reflection

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