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Lessons From The Season of Silence

Raise your hand if you love Winter…


Yea, I thought so. Between the harsh weather, the bleak landscape and the uncomfortable silence, winter gets certainly has its fair share of haters. My challenge, then, is to open your eyes to the beauty of Winter. To see it through my ‘snow colored’ glasses. To remind you that silence is actually pretty golden.

In the Winter, much like every other season, we take a cue from nature. Nature’s life force retreats inward and is in rest and reflect mode. Though our modern lives dictate otherwise, if we listen to our innermost wisdom, it’s telling us to do the same. I know I’m not the only one that’s gotten home from work, it’s only 5:30, it’s already dark and you find yourself sluggishly heating up a bowl of soup, cozying up on the couch and going to bed at 9pm? You’re not lazy! There’s nothing wrong with you! It’s your body’s way of saying “slow the eff down sista!”

Why are we fighting these urges? Or being hard on ourselves for feeling this way?

Instead we should learn to flow with the season, and reap the benefits.

So we look to mother nature and imitate her. Something in us deeply desires to slow down, be still, and reflect upon the past year and ponder the year ahead. We need this in order to flourish when Springtime returns.


With all this slowing down and resting there’s a lot of idle time, time to be thoughtful about the rest of the year. Winter is the season of visualizing and planning. Think of anything you start writing down as your blueprint for the year ahead. If fear starts to creep in…fear of change or fear of not knowing what you want, that’s OK…write it all down, let it flow. Fear is the emotion that most associates with Winter, it is sometimes scary to have idle time to sit with our emotions and thoughts.

Listen to your inner monologue. Ask yourself questions, become a journalist, a researcher, a scientist…the subject: YOU

Stay Hydrated

When the weather is cold it can be easier to ignore or forget cold water. It seems many of us use sweat and heat as cues to drink water. The winter air and heating in our homes can be very dry, meaning our bodies need the moisture more than ever to keep us healthy, hydrated and keep our skin from drying out. Regular water is of course ideal but nourishing herbal teas work, too.

Tip: Skip bottled water and use filtered tap water in reusable bottles.

Seasonal recommendation: Tea Forte seasonal teas, Waxing Kara tea

Daily Massage

Prevent dry, cracking, rough winter skin with a daily warm oil massage. Right after you shower, warm organic oil to your skin. Rub in well like you would a moisturizer, making circles over joints and long strokes over long bones.

Daily massage not only leaves skin radiant and supple but helps enhance circulation (great for cold hands and feet!), settles the nerves, and calms the mind. It's the perfect body-mind remedy for the cold winter months, and it supports restful sleep and reduces tension.

Seasonal recommendation: Red Flower Icelandic Moonflower Aromatherapuetic Body Oil, Lotus Wei Inner Peace Serum

Mindful Immersion

As an escape or for learning. Go to the library or bookstore and pick up a few books to read wrapped up in your blanket. This is important to keep our brains active but also in allowing ourselves to rest. Reading a book gives us permission and opportunity to stop working and focus on something pleasurable.

Bundle Up, Breathe it in

Put on several layers, a hat and gloves if necessary and go outside. Do it! Take a walk around the block or longer. Get outside, breathe in the crisp winter air and exhale stress. Leave the phone in your pocket (or heck at home) and simply allow the fresh air and mother nature to care for you as you care for yourself.

Seasonal Nourishment

A diet that harmonizes with nature will enhance your flow of energy and harmonize the functional activities of all organs. A diet that is not in harmony with the movements of nature will typically drain your energy and bring illness.

Gut health is important all year but becomes more important when it comes to flu season. Your gut is the epicenter of your immune system. Including pre and probiotics into your diet is a must.

Seasonal recommendation: THE Beauty Chef range of inner beauty supplements

Ground your emotions in scent

Emotions and a runaway mind can keep you up at night. By diffusing certain oils in the air, you can influence your feelings and thoughts and help to ground, focus, and calm yourself. Essential oils that are especially helpful during this season include cardamom, lavender, ginger, juniper, lemon, neroli, eucalyptus, rose, sandalwood, vanilla, and vetiver.

Winter Movement

I think movement in general is a personal thing. You should listen to your body this time of year. Run if you want to run, walk if you want to walk, go at your own pace. And a whole lotta Yin and restorative yoga!

Seasonal recommendation:

Humans are designed with adaptability as their primary feature, and many difficulties can be overcome if you let your natural physiology do its work.

In our culture we are conditioned to resist this season. But what if instead we learned to embrace our intuitive senses and trust the dim, soft light that lives within the stillness of the Winter.

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