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7 things you need to know about THE pearl this Spring!

Imagine being able to sink into a meditative state easily, to feel completely refreshed as though you had a full 8 hours of deep sleep in the matter of minutes, to mindfully quiet your thoughts and tune into your true self.

With no effort on your part except willingness - let the sound, vibrations and magnetic fields carry you into THE great abyss…

Shhh…this is our little secret: We’re launching an integrative and unique new therapy!

Pearl Life Elite Seasonal Membership Gift

Did you know that with every Pearl Life Elite Membership you receive a seasonal gift box that is delivered straight to your doorstep? Yup, your very own pearl seasonal subscription box! It includes such decadent gifts as a Jade Facial Roller, full size products and/or exclusive new offers and MORE!

I know I’m partial, but can our Elite Membership get any better?! Find out for yourself!

A Soiree for Your Soul

Education. Information. Celebration.

At THE pearl, we aim to help you cultivate a balanced, well lived life. Our series of events, workshops and seminars provide you with trusted methods and information to help you look and feel your best. And also provide you with “pearl preferred” practitioners that we trust to lead you in your quest for your best life.

It is a vital part of what provide here at THE pearl - to support our clients in their entire wellness journey. Therefore, when we discover a new therapy or modality of wellbeing - we’re always excited to share.

Well - we’re taking this to a whole new level! Join THE pearl for our first ever holistic health event!

THE gathering - a soiree for your soul, enjoy a fun filled day that will allow you to:

-Connect and experience respected holistic health practitioners

-Sample a range of alternative healing services

-Enjoy mini sessions of wellness enhancing therapies

-Shop for unique, natural gifts of healing and wellness

-Special prizes, boutique discounts and one day only specials!

-and so much more!

Ticket Sales are limited, get yours today!

Better Than An Instagram Filter

Spring is all about blooming into you and letting your true colors shine. What better way to do that than using a skin healthy cosmetic that finishes what your skin care starts? Sheer and breathable, this skin care makeup boosts and maintains hydration as it weightlessly evens skin tone. Leaves behind a dewy, tinted finish that camouflages brown spots, reduces redness and protects skin, all with an imperceptible feel. Visit THE pearl boutique to try Kerstin Florian’s newest solution and our wide range of cosmetic options and see for yourself!

Sun care is Self-care

If you've had problems finding the right no more. COOLA is the way to go, and its majority of certified organic ingredients make this product stand out and be in a league of its own.

Two of COOLA’s newest solutions are must haves this Spring and Summer.

Organic SPF 30 Full Spectrum 360° Sun Silk Drops

Don't let selfies take a toll on your skin! Get complexion protection both outdoors and indoors with our SPF 30 Sun Silk Drops with 360° Full Spectrum Protection. Finally, organic skincare that keeps up with your everyday modern lifestyle! This sunscreen literally protects you from all UV rays including HEV Light (Blue Light Waves) that are emitted from your phone and other electronics.

Organic SPF 30 Scalp & Hair Mist

Heads up! Your scalp and hair are vulnerable to sun damage every time you step outside. Part ways from burnt parts without weighing down your style. Protect these commonly overlooked areas while nourishing your locks! Monoi Oil nourishes scalp and hair and has a lovely natural ocean salted, sage scent.

Mystical Tool for Meditation

Ahh the sacred mala! The word mala is Sanskrit for garland. 108 beads together. Used in meditation for counting while chanting, reciting or mentally repeating a mantra. Our Mala + Mantra Mala Necklaces are designed with intention to nurture the soul.

The most often asked question: How do I choose a mala that’s right for me?

Our very best advice for choosing a mala? Follow your instincts! For many people, it’s literally as simple as choosing the mala that their soul is immediately drawn to or that catches their eye first. Try not to get too caught up into thinking about which mala makes the most sense for you; instead, let your heart lead the way and allow your soul to guide you.

Members save this May!

Purchase any full size cleanser and moisture and brightening facial serum for free!

Purchase any full size Cleanser + Moisturizer now through May 31st and receive Kerstin Florian Brightening Facial Serum FREE! (A $100 savings!)

This multi-tasking serum approaches brightening from all angles by refining skin texture, reducing dark spots, inhibiting pigmentation, boosting clarity and restoring tone.

Experience THE absolute back at members only pricing!

Join us during the month of May to experience THE absolute back at exclusive Members only pricing!

Suitable for all skin types, this treatment was developed exclusively for the back and shoulders. Enjoy a deep cleansing, exfoliation, specialty masque, light massage and conditioning of the skin. Experience softer, smoother, brighter skin in just 45 minutes!

Normally priced at $90, for the month of May, Pearl Life Members save!

Elite members = FREE!

Premium Members = $45

Basic Members = $60

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