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The Golden Hour

As the sun sets on this magical Summer, I can’t help but think about transitions and change. At the beginning of Summer I wrote about igniting your soul and the fire element - the element that is typically felt in the Summertime. It is now, towards the close of the Summer season that I start to feel and appreciate that fire. The beginning of the warm weather for me is where all hell breaks loose, I throw caution to the wind and dive headfirst into the season. Healthy routines fall off, heck, routines of any sort come to a dead halt. I find myself feeling wild and unkempt. Life feels...well...alive, Summer is on fire and so am I.

It's this present time of year that I come back to my senses. Start to feel like I should get my shit together. My hair is fried, my skin bronzed, there’s an extra layer of cushion from all the Summer food I’ve ravenously consumed. Wait - maybe that’s muscle from all my dancing underneath the stars! Yea, I'm going to go with that.

Fire is the element of transformation. It is this transformative time that has me craving fire’s warmth and communal invitation. The temperature will drop down into the 50’s tonight and my first thought is “we must have a fire”. My wild heart needs settling, tending to and to just sit with these flames.

In the Late Summer we transition from the season of fire to the season of earth. So, it makes sense that as the temps start to cool, our energy needs grounding and the parts of us that have been pushed past their limits need nurturing.

After a full Summer of long days, late nights and a seemingly endless output of energy, late Summer is a time to deeply shift the ways in which we’ve been operating. It’s a moment in which we’re invited to stretch out and bask in the last patch of sunlight, cozy up near that fire and soak in all the nourishment this next season has to offer.

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