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A How to Guide: THE holiday soiree

You’ve decided to attend our little shin dig!

Of course you have – it would be a crime not to.

And you have a list of gifts you need to gather while your here. Great!

However, there is so much more to this evening – why not make the most of all we have to offer? Think of me as your personal pearl concierge – I will guide you through the most extraordinary event of the year.

I don’t want you to miss a thing!

THE check in

Welcome!!! Take off your coat and stay a while, make yourself at home.

To begin your journey, you’ll need a map and your custom pearl shopping bag. Oh and over there is Plinko + the Prize Wheel. Hold up. That's right I said PLINKO!

Eeek! Are you excited?

I’m excited!

BE thoughtful

As you walk through the doors it can be overwhelming – you know like the “I want one of everything” overwhelming. Start with that handy list of yours – in the center of this grand room we have plenty of stocking stuffers, great gifts for teachers, mailmen, neighbors, best friends, your pearl concierge…umm well... it’s just chock full of great gifts for anyone and everyone.

Jewelry, sheet masks, travel sizes, bath bombs, shower vapors, inspirational books, nail lacquer, organic self-tanner. Like I said – something for everyone.

BE youthful

Gua sha, probiotics and stem cells - oh my! Did you just get chills or is that just me?! We’re talking skin care here, but not just your run of the mill cleansers and creams. These are the most modern skin care products and practices around. Modern doesn’t always mean new. Some of these facial treatments, like Gua Sha, are ancient remedies that have been re-discovered for their therapeutic benefits.

This is a great opportunity to try before you buy! Check out our modern pearl addition, our NEW Gua Sha experience, Lifeline Skincare, ZO Skin health and The Beauty Chef!

BE glamorous

Ahh yes darling – glamour be thy look, makeup be thy game. You can check off the makeup fanatic on your list. You know the person in your life that watches YouTube makeup tutorials like it’s their job. Oh, that’s you? Ya don’t say! Have a seat and our pearl makeup artists will help you discover your best look yet.

Right next door is our Brow Bar - you cannot go through the rest of the night without your brows on fleek. (Are people still saying that?)

We're featuring La Bella Donna, Rituel de Fille, Eco Brow, Contours Rx and

Antonym Professional Brushes.

BE rested

By now you may need a little break. You’ve done a lot so far and you deserve it. I call this our “sleep station”. I rallied hard to be the model for this station. I thought spending our busiest night of the year in PJ’s and slippers, showing everyone just how well these cozy sleep remedies work would be...really beneficial…for everyone.

Be the first to feel just how soft our sustainable new bamboo pajamas really are! Also, discover a unique new collection of supplements created by Biocol labs.

BE mindful Ya know what they say "when you get to a fork in the road, take it" - you have two choices:

  1. Head to the nail therapies room to explore the mindful world of Lotus Wei and our newest addition Body Bliss! Enjoy flower readings, hand massages, education, breathing practices and more.

  2. The treatment hallway will lead you on an aroma journey through the five seasonal elements, presenting our new partner in wellness - Zents. Connecting you to your breath, nature and the spirit of giving.

These self-care collections use flower power, among other life-enhancing ingredients to not only treat your skin and body care concerns but also connect you to a complete sense of overall well-being. Spend time in each area getting to know how these rituals can truly change lives.

And there's so much more...

  • This is the ONLY day of the year our gift cards are discounted

  • Tons of chances to win, gifts with purchase, coupons and more

  • Spend time with our friend Kara from Waxing Kara in the Ladies Lounge

  • Head to THE boutique for skin analysis with our skin care professionals and Emma from Kerstin Florian. Check out our newest organic remedy - ANDA.

  • Try out THE abyss meditation experience along with Muse meditation headbands!

  • Explore restorative therapies like acupuncture, CBD with Lord Jones and Mary's Nutrtionals, RAD Rollers and more!

The true gift of giving is how you make someone feel when you offer heartfelt energy. Mindfully considering the person to whom you are giving is a wonderful way to express care and deepen connections. That's really what our Holiday Soiree is all about - finding ways to give, that truly enhance someone's life.


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