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Cultivating THE extraordinary experience: Embracing Change

When it comes to massage therapy, your rapport with your Massage Therapist is a meaningful part of your overall experience. In order to fully relax - both mentally and physically - it's important to feel at ease and place trust in your therapist. As we discussed last week, each individual therapist brings their own unique skills to the table, but they also bring their own energy, personality and communication style as well.

It is our job at THE pearl to attempt to match each client to the very best therapist for them on any given day - this massage matchmaking is perhaps the most important part of our job!

Sometimes a perfect match is made on the very first visit; other times it might take a bit more time and trying different therapists and treatments. Once you really 'click' with a particular therapist, you’ll most likely prefer to request that therapist for your future visits. For weeks or months, you’ll most likely see amazing progress on whatever issues originally led you in - your rotator cuff shows greater mobility, your knee is less inflamed, your sciatica flare has disappeared - until hopefully the issue is completely resolved.

Throughout each person's life we are changing - physically, mentally, emotionally. With those changes come change in our individual bodywork needs. For example, the physical issues that originally led you to massage therapy may now be much improved, but now you're experiencing anxiety or mental stress more than physical pain. While all massage therapy will benefit you, each therapist has different strengths and excels at working with different types of people and issues. One therapist might be a wiz with neck work, while another is magical with migraines. As your body and mind change over time, so may your needs and therapist.

How do you know when it's time for a change?

If you've been receiving regular massage from the same therapist, over time you may experience feeling that you’re in a rut or have plateaued. You may not leave feeling the same euphoric feeling you have left with in the past. You usually won't be able to quite put your finger on why, but you may have an innate feeling that your body needs to mix it up or try something new.

If you have been experiencing a lot of transition and change in your life, our goal as therapists is to meet you where you are in any given visit. Many of our clients worry that if they want to try a new therapist that they may hurt the feelings of their current therapist - you won't! Our therapists understand that people's needs change over time. Moreover, our therapists work as a team, respect each other's talent immensely, and encourage clients to experience the unique skills and healing touch that everyone brings to the table.

The goal for all of us at THE pearl is for you to get the "pearlfect" care you need as your body, mind and spiritual needs shift over time.

Our warmhearted team is here to help your massage therapy and all your spa experiences here at THE pearl reflect the needs of the ever-evolving you.


THE philosophy

At THE pearl, we believe that true beauty and wellness come from within. We aspire to cultivate a centered mind and a healthy body, and to eliminate that which challenges your mental and physical state. We believe in the healing powers of nature and traditional remedies from around the world. Our goal is to share our knowledge and expertise with all. Most importantly, we believe that every person is as unique and as extraordinary as a pearl. We believe that serving others is an honor, and we will stop at nothing to ensure absolute satisfaction


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